Thursday, June 28, 2007

The clips picked Al Thornton out of Florida State. At 24, he’s a bit on the geezered side, but it’s about mileage not the year of the ride, right? Right. And this kid (guy?) is rated by some as the best small forward in the draft. Although I would have loved to see the clips walk away with a point guard, I’m glad they didn’t take Crittenton (who ended up going across the hall to the Lakers). Crittenton has the build, the speed, but not the etcetera, ie, doesn’t sound like he’s ever been much of a playmaker. We need a true point guard, a la Shaun Livingston, but one that’s not built like a matchstick, or a la Sam Cassell, but isn’t 83 years old. Time will tell. At first glance I like the Thornton pick. Should allow Dunleavy to play Maggette more at the 2 spot, which I don’t see as a bad thing at all. We’re still desperately thin at the point, though. You’d love to assume this year will be a bounce back one for Sam, but you just never know. Assuming Sam is healthy, though? That’s a starting lineup of Sam and Maggs at guard, Thornton and Brand at forward, and the caveman in the post. Plug in maggs or Q for Thornton, plug in Mobley for Maggs, plug in Livie (if he plays at all this year) for Sam, add a little Mrs. Dash? I’ve seen worst recipes for not quite disaster.


Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...

Bill Simmons wasn't too high on the Thornton pick. Do you really want to draft a 24-year-old who took 5 years to graduate from Florida State? I thought that was a funny line.

Sounds like you guys may be desperate enough to sign Steve Francis. As a Magic fan, I can assure you that he will not pan out. Best of luck with that. :-/

7/03/2007 8:34 PM  

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