Saturday, May 12, 2007


It was a good ol' fashioned blowout.

And I've actually become accustomed to blowouts over the last decade or so. Watching the Warriors play the role as the Western Conference's personal tetherball, seeing them beat like they owed people money was commonplace and almost expected at times. But then there will be little crumbs of hope left out for people like myself to hang on to. Antawn's back to back 50 point games, that 18-10 run to end the season in '04-'05. You know. Hope.

But this year was a little bit different. We were snakebitten after the disappointing year last year. Last season what supposed to be "The" season. It was to be Baron's first full year with the team and every single bit of hope carried on from the aforementioned 18-10 run was on their shoulders. We wanted it so badly. We needed it so badly.

But it wasn't meant to be. There were even less glimpses of hope. And as we came into 06-07, JRich was still hurt. Then Baron. Then JRich again. It was "the same ol' Warriors". Tons of potential, too many losses, and those same little glimpses of hope to keep us watching.

Then the trade happened. And we know how how that changed the course of the season. It took a while to get the bus rolling, that's for sure. But as soon as they took off, they didn't look back. The trade led us down a completely different and unexpected path. It led us to this very picture posted above.

That dunk carried the weight of every single loss, every single bad contract, every single disappointment, and years of frustration watching this team our team since Spree Ike'd PJ Carlisimo. And in that single moment, it was all released.

Even if Golden State goes on to lose this series, the Warriors have become the most exciting team in the League. Baron Davis has re-established himself as a premiere NBA basketball player. Names like Andris and Monta now come out of the mouths of non-Warriors fans. The Warriors have made their mark, win or lose.

Even amidst a blowout, I can appreciate the moment.


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