Thursday, May 03, 2007

glancing over my last post (from Monday, 4/30) I still think that most of what free darko says in that quote is a good point, about the rest of the league tanking because of two extremely (apparently) good teams, and I think you have to throw detroit in the east into that conversation too, even though they struggled a bit early, but upon further review, to say there's just a negligible difference between golden state & memphis (talent wise) and that it was just the oomph that made one team go and one team roll over, well, that's a bit hasty. it all depends, obviously, on which team you're talking about, if you're talking about golden state pre or post trade, and if you're talking about memphis with or without Pau Gasol. It also depends on who's doing the coaching. The Warriors are a vastly different team with Nellie at the helm rather than montgomery. Nellie's pretty damn good at getting gold from straw, but he got some stuff that's better than straw when mullin (with Nelson's input, most likely) engineered that trade. Baron Davis is an extremely special player when he's healthy, something I think the whole league & the media is really being made aware of now. Rudy Gay (memphis) will be pretty good, I think, he was having flashes of brilliance, but overall, you gotta like that GS lineup a lot more. But, who the hell knows, this is a very similar memphis team that was the 5 seed last year (and ended up having to face dallas in the first round, natch), and they could bounce back next year, especially if they get oden or durant, but even without that, they should be better, so, uh, maybe i don't know what I'm talking about. have a nice day.


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