Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Exhibit # 383 why I love Tim Kawakami’s Golden State Warrior coverage and wish daily upon a star that the mainstream media had a guy half as wolverninish and obsessive covering the Clippers on a day to day basis. (Maybe if the Lakers didn't exist, there would be, but I doubt it) Anyway, from Kawakami’s blog yesterday:

It’s right there for the Warriors, who played marvelously and destroyed Minnesota on Sunday while the Clippers coughed and gagged up a home loss to dead Sacramento.

(Hey, in one off his last acts as Kings coach, Eric Musselman finally did something to get the Warriors into the playoffs! Chris Mullin might have to send him some flowers. Then offer to fire him again.)

wow. Harsh (especially if you’re a clipper fan, or Eric Musselman, for that matter) but so dead-on true. Coughed and gagged might even be a bit generous. More like rolled in asleep in a coffin and hit the snooze bar throught the fesitivities. Sigh/shalom, etc. and yet I still sit here praying (ok, not praying, fervently hoping) for a Golden State loss & Clipper win tonite. Yes, I am stupid. Aloha.

Anyway, read the whole Kawakami post; it’s a great analysis of the last two games' (er, 4 games, 2 for each team) import for both teams, ramifications, blah blah, which I just don’t have the heart nor energy to go into. I think you know already anyway, and it just depresses me too much to ponder to a level more indepth than “have to win in Phoenix tonite” which is depressing enough.


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