Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bob Baker (the LA Times’ Cliptomaniac) wrote a nice piece on the effect of Jason Hart on the Clippers’ stretch run this year. The jist of it: “Hart reminded the Clippers—by deeds, not words—what it feels like to have something to prove.” Read the whole thing. For me. No, for yourself. OK, for me, if that’s what it takes, but afterwards, you’ll thank Allah. Promise.

In other Clipper point guard news, this more in the depressing vein we’ve come to expect, it looks like Sam Cassell is shuttin’ er down for the year, at least until the playoffs. No real surprise after the frightening crumple after about 2 minutes in the game up in Portland on Saturday.

As for the Clips’ next game, it’s tomorrow against our neighbors down the hallway. No, not the skid row bums, but those other smelly ones, yup, the Lakers. Hopefully the crew can hold Kobe under 50, or hopefully not, as a reasonable Kobe line means that his mates in gold are actually getting involved, which is bad news. Eh, pick your poison. I'll let Dunleavy do the head scratching on that one. Which he's done a bit of already. Quoth coach D on the subject of Bryant: "You always try to keep him somewhat off balance, be a little bit unpredictable in what you're doing, and still read your situations correctly to give enough help on him. Then there are other times when you have to throw the kitchen sink at him because he's just got it going so good."

Closing on a bizarre note, Chris Kaman’s “undoubtably horrifying testicles” may have magnetic powers to a degree unknown since the Paleolithic age. Evidence in the public eye to this point has only pointed to negative ramifications, but a full disclosure interview would be required to ascertain what behind the scenes benefits young Chris may be realizing as a side effect of this strange phenomenon. If I hear anything, so will you, dear reader.


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