Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quoth Clipper Steve: The demons of Sacramento have been exorcised.

The Clips put a capper on a 17 game losing streak at Arco Arena, which spanned over NINE years. Yes, you are reading that correctly. In fact, there was a shorter streak, but still ignominious, of overall losses to the Kings, that was broken at Staples in late December. Your fair host sir Alfred keith el otro was there for Mike Dunleavy’s first win ever over the Sacto Queens (to borrow Shaq’s fond appellation) Yup, in fact, that was my first pilgrimage to Staples to see our LA Bastard Stepchildren, and I loved every minute of it (even got VIP seats thanks to a buddy’s connect.) OK, yeah, I’d been one other time to the venue to see a lakers nets game a long ways back, and I’d got to see the clips at Golden State a couple years ago (to give you some perspective, the clippers won, but the player of the game was Rick Brunson, brrrr.)

Wow, how many years has Dunleavy been coach now? And we lost 4 out of 4 to these guys EVERY YEAR? Horrendous.

so at least that’s finally put to bed. Streaks are a funny thing, they have so much power alive, and then when they’re dead, it’s like poof, it nevah happen. Reminds me of cal’s million year losing streak to Washington in football. Now the golden bears stomp husky ass with regularity, but there was a day, the first day we finally beat em, that felt like a revelation of enormous magnitude to get Dr. Klaw all in a lather.

Anyway, the Clips are further north for a matchup with the Blazers at the Rose Garden tonight, and I for one will be watching, a la the KTLA telecast with Ralph and Mike, thanks be to Dish Network, which horribly deprived me of last night's historic state capital sheathing of historical horribility. The Clips are just a half game back of Denver for that 7 spot now, gratzi to their losing ways, and a win will thus tie them up with the idle nugs. Big game? Yawp. Enjoy, I know I will.


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