Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bill Simmons finally admits that he was wrong about saying the Pac-10 sucked, even going so far as to call the conference underrated, (and admitting his darling Big 12 may have been a bit OVERrated, although whining that Kansas had no business losing to UCLA with all that talent, on which point he’s probably right) in this ESPN radio spot. This just goes to show the east coast mentality in reference to basketball anywhere west of the Colorado river. There is this prevailing anti wisdom high brow elitist attitude of east coasters (and it’s even worse coming from Simmons, who as a transplant from Boston, likes to take advantage of the good weather and better living, but still carries with him that bullshit bourgeouise ballin prejudice) that west coast bball is rubbish, well it ain’t, so suck on it New York, Connecticut, wherever the eff you are. Slurp the throne of Xerxes, er, or something like that..

In the standings watch department, Golden State’s blowout loss to San Antonio last night put them an official 2 games back of the Clippers for that 8 spot, and Denver’s crazy overtime loss in Detroit put them within a game and half reach of the Clippers for the 7 spot. Lots of basketball still to play, paduans, keep those sabers up.


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