Tuesday, March 20, 2007

According to the LA Times, the clippers still have a chance, and actually, they really do, as their remaining schedule, aside from playing two more games (which may help them, if they can WIN them) is just about identical, difficulty wise, to the Golden State Warriors. (Note, everything in italics below is from the linked LA Times article):

The Clippers are 2-7 this month. They have nine games left at Staples Center (they'll be the visiting team April 12 against the Lakers) and seven on the road. Of the Clippers' upcoming opponents, nine have winning records….

…Meanwhile, the Warriors have won three in a row and six of seven to bump the Clippers from eighth to ninth. Golden State has 14 games left (seven at home and seven on the road), nine against teams with records above .500.

I just wish I had a bit more confidence, er, that Kaman, Brand, Sam, et al had a bit more confidence. Sam finally admitted that his body is about as fit and fiddle as a model T jalopy left to rust in the Detroit plains:

"I know this basketball team needs me to do what I do, but my body just hasn't been right all year, my body is hurting," said Cassell, 37. "Each day, I'm compensating for one particular injury, and then something else gets worse.

"I really don't know how much longer I can keep doing this … how much longer my body can take this. I'm going to keep doing it as long I can because we're still in it. I'm not thinking about shutting it down as long as we still have a chance."

Well, Sam, the Times says drag that ass out of bed and onto the court. and so do I. I gotta say, though, if Sunday's game at New Jersey was any indication, Sam just ain't right, which I guess is confirmed as he's sitting out tonite's suicide mission, er, tilt, in Chicago against a Bulls team, that, despite dropping one on the road in MEMPHIS of all places, has been pretty dominant at home. The clippers beat them earlier this season, but that was with Ben Wallace out of the lineup.

I'll tentatively agree with the fine professional journalists of Southern California and refrain from TYING the beautiful red bow I've placed around this season of despair. I don't want to tie that bow, I really don't. Don't make me. I want to tear off that bow and let this cat out of the bag to play. The cat, though, is tired and sick, and needs milk. Whatever the hell that means.

Go Clippers.


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