Thursday, March 08, 2007

Shaun Livingston’s reconstructive knee surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama. There, that was your depression laced Livie injury update. Guess I should be happy, the fact that they are doing the surgery this soon would seem to mean to this not even playing one on TV armchair doctor that the swelling must be staying down, which I would take as some semblance of positivity. Hopefully the surgery will be a huge success and we’ll see Shaun back in a Clipper uniform in the semi near future. Crazier things have happened, said the maniacal lunatic in the corner beating his head against the wall to the brink of incoherence.

Switching to more happy news, but continuing a loose theme (stay with me) of incoherence, Cal beat UCLA today in the Pac10 tourney, keeping their flickering NCAA hopes alive, & causing riotous celebrations in Kailua and later in Honolulu. When asked for further comment, a drunken golden bear exclaimed something to the effect of, hmmm, we can’t print this. Not fit for family consumption. You know, the hearth & all that. Shortly after said offensive outburst he passed out in a self-described (the one clear thought the young man was able to elucidate) fit of pique.

Tomorrow the Bears take on the Oregon Ducks on the seemingly blessed Staples Center floor (home of the clips, natch, see I bring it back around), fits of pique be damned. Stay tuned, same bat time, yadda yadda yadda.


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