Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Clips have today and tomorrow off before heading to Oracle Arena to take on the Warriors, but Oaktown’s finest host Denver tonight. Hopefully AI, Camby, & company will run them ragged as Elton Brand and Chris Kaman relax 350 miles south and sip Martinis with green olives shipped in from Barbados, getting backrubs at the club and mentally preparing for the grueling half hour flight north that awaits them.

As for tonite’s game, I guess I’m rooting for the Warriors, what with Denver a game up on the Clippers, but Golden State is only 3 games back of LA, so, uh, I’m confused. Someone hold me. Metaphorically, of course. It probably doesn’t really matter in the grand cosmic scheme of things (unlike clipper games, for which sacred scrolls are bartered on the open black market of humanity’s souls, depending on the outcome and what layer of hell Donald Sterling has at that moment descended into for the evening’s demonic torture sessions). Both Denver and Golden State are riding massive one game winning streaks, the Warriors a pretty impressive road victory in Detroit. The warriors are healthy again, and their backs are against the wall, so watch for foaming mouths and sharp rabies infested fangs.

As for Denver, much is being made of the lack of bang they’re getting for the Allen Iverson meets Carmelo Anthony buck. Slam Online has an interesting read on what the hell is wrong with Denver, and the bulk of it seems to point to Carmelo and his lack of enthusiasm on the defensive end. Seems like his effort picked up a bit agains New Orleans in the last game; amazing what can happen when you think the fourth estate doesn’t like you.

As for tonite against the dubs, no Melo, he’ll be staying in Colorado with LaLa for the birth of their first child. And sorry, apparently no live telecast from the TRL studio; sadly it was booked for a special live airing of the last vestige of self respect being ripped from the bowels of pop culture’s emasculated heart. Film at 11.


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