Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It’s this little idea in the back of my head, that gets louder & louder the more information I digest, but so far I’ve tentatively ignored it, letting the blinding rays of hope and glass half full metaphsyics filter in starry eyed landscapes of ponies & ice cream, but Clipperblog goes ahead and drops the sad knowledge:

… in talking to sources that know a little something about the human body, I'm beginning to believe that Shaun Livingston is looking at a career-ending injury. While Shaun has youth on his side, this breadth of damage is about as bad as it gets w/r/t knees. Even with successful surgery, which can't happen until there's a reduction in swelling, there is no certain timetable for recovery.

All of this amounts to very bad news.

(Gulp). Yup.

Click the link; there’s lots of good back and forth in the comments, including citings of other athletes that have come back from similar injuries, so don’t break out your shovels and black umbrellas just yet. Clips Nation is pulling for you, Shaun, just take your time and get better.


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