Monday, February 26, 2007

Shaun Livingston dislocated his left kneecap in today’s matchup against the Charlotte Bobcats at Staples (now in the 3rd quarter, clips up 3). Wow, that sucks gigantic donkey balls. Poor kid has yet to play a complete season. Missed more than half of his rookie season with the same malady (dislocate knee) but on the other leg, among other issues. And this happens right after he played what could have cautiously been called a breakout game against the warriors on Saturday in which he dished 14 assists. This JUST happened, so we’ll have to see what the prognosis is, but moving forward, it seems to me he’s just gotta beef up a little bit, kid is so injury prone. Not sure if you can fault being skinny for perpetually dislocating knees, but a little more strength, as long as it doesn’t slow him down, would seem like a good thing. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery and that the clips don’t fall (further) apart as a result of this crappy, crappy happenstance. With Sam’s health shaky as well (hey, the guy’s 37) this is potentially devastating; I shiver at the thought of Daniel Ewing, starting point guard. Might as well bring Rick Brunson out of the hyperbaric chamber.


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