Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well, the clips got r done at home against oaktown today, and aside from too many turnovers, looked pretty good doing it. Shaun was teee riffic and Elton was a beast (8 blocks!) and even Corey Maggette looked, at moments, like he actually gave a shit. I had to reset my television because I was sure he was a clone, but there, yup, sure enuff, was his government issued tattoo on the back of his neck so I knew it was kosher. So, uh, yeah, I mean, yes, the warriors suck, so you can’t get too juiced about this one, but at this point everything even grains of salt have to be taken with umbrellas, so there you go. Kaman had the flu, and Elton performed well in the post, but Biedrins (the warriors up & coming center) doesn’t look like he’s winning any defensive man of the decade awards any time soon, although he is crafty & slithery. Monta Ellis, yup, he’s good, and will get better. Didn’t know Al Harrington was that good with the deep ball, was an enjoyable game to watch, both teams got up & down the court pretty fast. The clips looked smooth with Shaun, at all times, he was dishing some really pretty dimes. When Sam came in, things got sluggish, but I don’t think Sam is at full strength. I’m really starting to wonder, though, if the school of thought regarding we have to get rid of Sam so Shaun doesn’t look over his shoulder bears possible some credence. You’d like to think we could keep them both, Sam mentoring the youngen, but, wow, their games are so different. If anything, though, Sam can teach young Shaun to be more aggressive, which he was today. When this kid actively looks for his shot, and I think soon he’ll start hitting a higher percentage too, wow, unstoppable. The ceiling has not lowered one iota. It may actually be safe to peer your head out from the basement and embrace the clippers again, at least for the moment. And with the next game against Charlotte, well, why not let the nice delusion continue for a spell. Careful not to let the Care Bears and puff the magic dragon slip out through the doggie door on your way out. Gratzi.


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