Friday, February 23, 2007

Well I made my little announcement at ultrabs regarding the content organization (sports crap here, all other crap over there), so I’d better at least settle in here and do a little post introducing myself and how I am the world's foremost expert on the LA Clippers, even though about 8 million people know way more than me. Oh wait, you already know me, how could I forget my incredible fame. Ah so desu ka, that’s right, wait, you don’t exist, so, uh, no need to intro myself in all likelihood. Anyway, this is now sports slash clipperville, but it’ll blend, it’ll be other shit too, admittedly, but NOT, no, it’ll be sports, but with an eye towards culture, you know, I’ll be babbling about Jean Grae in between comparing the clippers of 2006 with those of 1996, doing high brow analogies between Elton Brand and Loy Vaught, two clipper heroes with one having a bit more respect and pedigree than the other, but don’t discount Loy Vaught, and don’t sleep on Pooh Richardson, and never ever forget the polish rifle. Okey doke. Bookmark this a thousand times for pure clipper quality. this might be a bit of a rocky start to this relationship in legitimate sports blogging. sorry in advance. you know, you might want to go read a book and turn off your computer right now, let this memory fade, and then come back and read it again in like 4 hours. guarans you'll be impressed with how good it still tastes, even better than before, kinda like sanka.


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