Wednesday, March 15, 2006

oh, btw, I wrote this post yesterday.

(update: howdy folks, it's clips playoff fever. Had to update this post with a pic, get things nice & shiny, pic added 5/2/06; excelsior, mahalo, etc. the rest of the verbage was inputted in March, written the day before, as referenced above, except for the other bit, which i opined back in 2003, yup, my files run deep, check starlog 813, er, rather, ultrablognetic, for further info, or ask cousin ethel once she's done makin the gravy. werd.)

not that I want to get into a whole "I told you so" type scenario, but I did. Chris Kaman had his best game as a clipper last nite, 24 points, 23 boards, 4 steals, stole the show, just the latest in what has become a break out season for a guy who was looking ready to stud out anyway.

Me, back in 2003:

So the clippers picked chris Kaman outta central Michigan at #6 in yesterday’s draft. He looks pretty solid actually….. now everybody talking shit about the clips, even the sports guy, but fuk that, I’m gonna say that Kaman is gonna be a big star in this league, hoes, shit, 7-footer with skills, yo! Whutsup yao, wanna piece? Shaq? Who owns the muthafuckin staples center now, bitch?

Thas right is Kaman time, shit hammer was a taco bell slangin chumpola compared to yours truly. I am going to crush this league. I am going to make large men cry. I am going to deflate egos and destroy the will of those who thought themselves invincible from threatening defamatory intelligence. That’s what I bring the table, you better bring the salt and pepper cuz we’re grilling up this slab like it’s the 4th of july, aight? Shit. an fukn get me a beer.

The clips last night matched their win total for the whole season last year. It was Coach Dunleavy’s 500th win, and also a chance to showcase again how much the clips smacked Minnesota around in that offseason trade, getting Sam Cassell and (and!) a conditional first round pick for Marko Jaric (& Lionel Chalmers, who was waived anyway.) And there Jaric sits, for the most part, riding pine. Nothing against Marko, he put in some good work for LA, but Sam, especially a motivated Sam (and this is the NBA, HUGE difference) is just a quantum field more valuable. & yup, a quantum field is a shitload.

And I love, LOVE, Maggette’s attitude coming off the bench (15 points last night), which is the perfect spot for him right now, especially while they break him back in after coming off the injury. Having that kind of a scorer and foul magnet coming in with the 2nd unit is huge, and, honestly, Quinton Ross works better with the 1st team, I mean, Ross has just become a gigantic defensive stopper, you won’t see him in the stat line, but watch a game, I’m telling you, I hope the clips can keep him around.

Another defensive bright star has been Shaun Livingston, finally having a mostly injury free season, but don’t take my word for it, from the OC Register & the mouth of Coach D:

Livingston significantly has stepped up his play since the All-Star break but most noticeably in the area that does not show up beside his name on the statistical sheet. "He's been growing leaps and bounds defensively," Dunleavy said. "And offensively, he's getting more comfortable and more aggressive, as well."

The kid’s also got Kaman’s back. From the same OC Registry article: "It's not surprising what he does," Livingston said. "He's a force out there. I don't think he's capable of knowing how good he is."

Ok I’ve blah blahed enough. go clips. And yes, it’s official (I guess??), we’re playoff bound.


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