Sunday, May 08, 2005

The thing about the jurk storr is that it just applies, as a concept, to so many areas of cognition and relevance that it’s potentially just unbelievable. Sorry if my concentration is off, I’m watching the inferno marathon taped, and, can I just say, teary eyed speeches are appropriate in a wide variety of environs, but when you lose the inferno, don’t try to make it some biblical la dee dah, it’s just not, I dunno, what’s the term I’m trying to come up with? Jenny say kwah? Whatevers.

See, I say this shit, but if I was on the inferno, I’d be like pushing the drama, actually, what I meant, is, if I was a real world vet, I’d be so down for the inferno type bs, I mean, live a life where all you gotta do is fuck off and be on like television and fuck off, and, oh yeah, I said that already.

Fuck this shit.


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