Friday, February 25, 2005

goldang. Yup. My bodyguard. He’s the guy whut with whut beats your ass if you’re within like 800 yards of me. 1000 if you’re on the list. 500 if you’re on the other list. See there’s actually like 32 lists. Depending on what list you’re on is how close this dude lets you get to see the goods. Not those goods. & not the grocery store ones neither. Well I don’t even know if you could see them per se, you might just have to reach out with the feelers, you know, the mental ones, to get the full energy, from my “show” you know. And actually, I shouldn’t do the horn toot, cuz it’s not really officially mine, it’s more my bodyguard’s, you know, my long lost pal, like in that paul simon song, only he doesn’t follow me around after I go to school & prevent bullies & what not, cuz that’s not my problem, my problem is, like, for example, if I have to go to the bakery & they’re out of the special kind of bread I like? Yah, that one. Well, if that happens, he kicks their asses real good.


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