Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It’s like, it was meant to be, that cosmic forces were converging into a perfect pin prick of light shining through & providing me with the perfect medium whereby to be accurately & insightfully informed on the most important of subjects.

Bill Simmons has Clippers season tickets. I mean, my fave sports writer, with possible exception of Hunter Thompson, whom I (nor any reasonable person) don’t consider strictly a sports writer anyway, being there to observe that which is the clippers on not just a regular basis but actually being in the stands and witnessing that which necessitates constant understanding and critical analysis.

In any event, check out his nba preview, east coast. Theoretically he’ll do the west tomorrow.

So speaking of the clips, they tip off their season tonite against seattle, the same team they journeyed to Japan with last year only to get asshandered like 3 games in a row. Hopefully they can start off the year in a manner more befitting a thug this year. Seattle looks shitty, but, sadly, the clips look shittier. At least according to the so-called “experts.” I’m predicting a victory tonite, and that the clips will use that win as a springboard to a shitload more victories this year.

How many is a shitload, anyway? 10 or 20? Yah, they should be able to do that.


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