Friday, October 15, 2004

yo ho. just a wee smidgen update. here i was trying fo collect all kine date what i can on the 1991 cal bears citrus bowl squad and i whut & forget about the coach, but then it reminds me of said issue when i'm watching unlv & byu last weekend and sure enough, bruce snyder, the man the myth the legend, head coach of said 91 bear team, said asshole whut took of to arizona state for plenny more moolah, is now offensive coordinator for unlv under, booyaka, john robinson. now, was john robinson the coach at sc that year?? remember or not that this was his second stint, as he was old skool sc coach, and came back, and now he's like on the circuit. i see john robinson as kind of like basketballs, uh, shit, that guy whut coached unlv basketball & eats towels and later coached fresno. it'll come to me later. oh yeah, the shark, tarkanian. don't ask me why.

anyway, cuz i know or at least think cal beat em that year. sc that is. or... did they, i'm suddenly thinking they didn't, cuz i actually travelled down to the socal for that game and remember having to see that bastardized rat of a trojan riding around the coliseum on his piece of shit horse cuz sc was scoring whut all over the place. time to look up their record, cal 91-92 that is. i gotta get all up on this. this is official kine shit, but unofficiated, i mean, official cuz i say but not sanctioned by any governing body. whatevs.


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