Saturday, September 25, 2004

in case you're not one of the one people that actually reads this crap, let me inform you, this once semi-ok diatribe corner has for the nonce turned into the central location for my search vis a vis where are they now for the 1991 Cal golden bear football team. were they national champs you ask? no, but they did end the season at #6. and for a cal bear, well, that's some pretty big time shit. werd.

Ok, doug brien was on that team. The kicker. And he’s still a kicker. One of the better ones in the nfl. Ah yes, he’s playing for the jets now. He’s been bouncing around all over the place though, typical for a kicker, shit, I guess for any player in these days of free agency.

Here’s a pic of him a year or two back when he was with the vikes. Obviously, you’re transfixed with interest.

And the other big name I recalled via bouncing around on the innernet was Sean Dawkins at wide receiver. Got picked up pretty high in the draft by the indie colts. Is he still in the league?? Let’s check, shall we?

Hmmm, doesn’t look like he’s in the league anymore, I guess he’s part of the Vikings but inactive right now? He was with indie for quite a few & then hit seattle for a spell. Think he kinda floated away.

Bears more research (pun unintended but appreciated. You’re welcome)

Sleepy time.


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