Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ok there has to be like a plan, I mean, I can’t just think that by bitching about it I’m going to discover the whereabouts of one of the greatest college football running backs of all time, no, I have to organize, I already checked google, not really happening, nothing past the last rams cut.

And, uh, oh yah, I have the idea then of emailing mike pawlaski (palawski?) who was the quarterback on that 91 team which ended the season #6 after a citrus bowl victory over the Clemson tigers.

Belee dat. Yo, it’s like. Wait, ok, yet. Uh, he’s like a college football announcer. I heard him when I was watching I believe the cal game a couple weeks ago. And another game? Damn, that was a team, mos def the best team since the current team, which prognosticating aside cuz it’s still way too early but at #9 in the polls, and, shizzle.

Whoah. Goddamm! Pawlawski still holds an arena football league passing record for a season quarterback rating. You are dying in agony of interestedness in this fact.

whoah he holds the highest career and season passing percentage. Shizzle mcfizzle. Is this shit current. Is there still arena football, or is it only arena 2?? That’s what Hawaii has.

Anyway, shit, I’m impressed. I mean, he’s got a bunch of records. Impressive. Oh wait I said that already.

hmm he was put in cal hall of fame in 2002, a year before white.

Oh, prolly eligible a year earlier, think he played four years.

You can never get enuff of this topic.

It is the cal bears of Berkeley California, team of 1991 and it’s going to be a veritable who’s who when I’m done with this mofo.

Hmmm looks like pawlawski took a job with the cal athletic department last year.

that takes care of the quarterback. prolly the easiest one. But what happened to Russell white?? Someone please tell me.

More to come.

time to get all inspector gadget up in this bitch.


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