Tuesday, August 24, 2004

imagine if front street was your actual addy, as in domicile from which you were not allowed to move. whut would ya do? would you just like perpetrate on an exit strategy or would you just flaunt all your gaunt ass wherewithalls, and we're talking, like, front was conveyed as your place of residence not by machinations under your control but secret enemies with lies and spies and invisible robots, all that shit, but, there would be a variety of decisions involved in your rationalae at that point, possibly involving ways & means committees and lots of factors would have to be elucidated very clearly and hopefully concisely to yourself before making a quite pertinent decision.

of course all this is theoretical. no one knows who you really are. only you. and maybe not even said person. yup, let it be vague and mysterioso, who needs a clear mirror when you can just, ya know, toggle in between modes on the barkalounger and say wuddup to the la dee dah conventioneers, those mouseketeers whut which can't be bought off for all the duckets in the world but heat em up a hungry man and it's all gravy.


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