Thursday, August 12, 2004

So I poured another strong one
then chopped a line from here to texas…

-kid rock

jesus h. Christ, am I really quoting kid rock? Ok, it’s official, Whuts the point? Riddle me that bats. Kicked outta my own cantina. It’s like, shit, I am han solo, no, greedo, no, the barkeep, not the one that gets shot, the one that regulates, but I can’t regulate, and I got this feeling, like the dogs are closing in, like nobody cares and everyone’s concerned, like, it’s just a big jurk sesh with carlton laughing his fat ass off up in that great big tall building and whut’s next, my secret ID unleashed on the contingent and all their enemies? Happened to Matt, who’s to protect me, I don’t even have fukn radar sense, I don’t even have a mash unit set up to patch up my wounds, self inflicted or not, I mean, whut’s the answer, I’m solving the unsolvables up in this bitch, and fuck it if nobody gives a rats asshole burger, and fuck a zan jayna gleek Thelma all that aisha ass backsterpiece kine shit, cuz I don’t think I gots the time nor inclination nor wanting to tempt myself therein to put up shit and like checkitty check and fukn wonder and check and FUCK THAT, it’s like, peruse, don’t, I don’t care, it’s beautiful, I gots no site meter I gots no comment I gots nothing, I mean, your lucky you see my e-mail not that anybody gives a fark but shit they’re monitoring that shit too prolly. Oh, now, well, def, yep, wait, no, well, I wouldn’t put it past the fuckers, they’re still kinda roping the dope with the pope but we’ll see, shit’s gotta go down one way or another. Might as well be with nobody looking as I dangle a piece of fresh meat from the lanai railing.


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