Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Can you believe this shizzle? Stabbed in my own back by a supposed brother from a supposed other mother, I mean, shizzle, I’m tryin to start up some due diligence over here in left field and there goes carlton throwin around cash that was never there before to a guy I just showed dapp to ovah heah yesserday, it’s ridiculous it’s preposterous it’s cantankerous, and meanwhile I still can’t throw up zans nor jaynas off this 'puter or that one and I could find the other one and throw up signs but I know he’s got peeps perpin, prolly old supposed “friends” of mine patrolling and hittin haloscan and cancellin that shit anyway, if I know old fiskie, shit, fisk, and I just noticed that, to fisk a fisk, a tale of two nickel & dimers with plenny quarters. Ehh, fuckkitt.

and don't even get me started on how the don pulled that diggin in the crates shit.


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