Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Boy howdy. Girl howdy. Anykine howdy you want. This is getting how do you say, the antithesis of frustrating?? No, no you don’t. so, um whutsup with blogshares? It confuses me. Are we not men or are we some kind of deranged stock? Who has time to play this game? How do I have time to concern myself with it? African or European swallow? You know the deal.

I think I’m gonna get a tattoo of the jurk storr. No one can co-opt that shit. Blood relative or nut, I mean, well, shit, ok, he did found it, or, no fuck that, he didn’t found it, well, he knew of it before I did, but fuck that, I mean, who blew that shit up? Me, that’s who. Who do I trust? You get the pic.

What is the protocol for, nah, fuck that. Won’t even go there. Ok yah I will, it’s too good, for referencing a pic of Nixon bowling, you gotta go to where you got it from, to how you discovered, aka the discovery channel, and then you get to see what may be the best room ever for throwing around a heavy ball. Serially. Can you even imagine being there? I can and do.


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