Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yo yo yo bottle of brass monkey all that asshat shit. My girlie hooked me up with a seven fittie of crown DAMN is she the bomb or whut?? Holy shit, yes she is.

I just emailed to myself the whole master thesis via the triple dub and whut with yahoo & google pimpin out so much free storage room it was easy as pie. Seriously, fuck hotmail. What are they even thinking even still existing? Are you listening mr. Gates? Get yer shit together you big fukn pile.

If you ever get an email from me via hotmail, well, then you’ve established my secret identity, but that mein freundes will never happen unless you are actually in actuality my actual friend ie in meatspace ie the real world ie not on mtv.

Retardo Montalban is the man myth legend, but he ain’t half as cooo as hervay villashez. You heard it hear in the middle.

Ps: fraggle rock.

PPS: uh, shit, I gotta score the new keith. Who wants to sponsor me on that shit. I gave you the hook up. Nah fuck that, I’ll handle it. Fareal. Now go make me a pbj with extra something or other.


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