Monday, August 16, 2004

If you can’t figger something out, my recommendation is to use the internet and find it, and yes that’s some pretty retarded advice, but sometimes you think that you can’t do something that it just ain’t the card dealers wherewithal that what you do should be involved in that which you imagined or the jurk storr rep imagined that which you might be able to do but sometimes the hardest things have potential to be the easiest & vice versa and sometimes not at all.

And fuck the internet as well, I mean, get on your bicycle and go down to the drug store or possibly the cigarette shop & don’t buy smokes buy some actuality crystal ball beads, and shit, there, you just thought of something, aren’t you proud of yourself. Axing for help is no shame, but being helpless to axe is the ultimate anti-irony.

Blah blah shitburg. That’s the last time I try to pen about something that is a real life dillio.

The master thesis is up to 22,600 something werds.

Of crap.

No serially, I think it might be not horrible.

Big ups to, uh, Anchorage. Home of the blind buffalo.

Oh yah, I really, really, need to purchase the new kool keith cee-dee, with kutmasta kurt, um, you could send me like a bunch of illegal copies if you like, c/o the jurk storr at 123 whatthehell lane, Nantucket, Wisconsin, 99999, that addy’s not real in case you’re not smart.

I’mma erase that paragraph inna minnitt, now that the carlton committee is off my back like heron whut with the burroughs type habitat.



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