Thursday, August 26, 2004

diesel truckers article with new keith interview, hat tip to Ronnie ock, who’s got all kinds of ultramags info & lyrics & shizzles today, as WELL as some radio glob insanity with all kine ultramags keith dillios.

I prolly over repetitiously link ronnie's steez lately, but it’s got too much good shit with which I have to educate you on. All 2 of you. Oh wait, mr. Rockwell just went pottie, so, yup, you. Thanks for coming by? Tea? Sorry, fresh out bitch.

Ps: I have spoken my last werds for the nonce on a certain crime lord, etcetera acre and his bloodstained croney. Aka carlton. Dunn & dunn. Don’t forget about brooks.

As for, uh, that dillio, fuck it. Have I mentioned that I’m reading michener’s mexico? Good book. You care. Serially.

Also, in further news, this blog is in fuckin credible. Fa real. And you’re seeing the unofficial version I heard after extensive research and behind the scenes contemplation.


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