Sunday, September 26, 2004

a cal alumni recalls that heartbreaking day when Cal met Washington at Strawberry Canyon in Berkeley, both undefeated, the winner with the inside track to the rose bowl, tied 10-10 at the half, and from there cal proceeded to stumble ceremoniously over their own penises and u-dub went on to win and if you recall correctly, Frankie, achieved a split national championship that year with, uh, Miami if my memory serves correct.

Oh yeah, I was at that game.

The article made me recall, or mentioned to me and caused me to recall, or, shit, whatever, Lindsay chapman (backup running back, and a stud in his own right), Brian Treggs (trash talking undersized yet vastly talented wide receiver) and Mick Barsala (ok I admit I don’t remember who he is).

That’s what google’s for.


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