Friday, November 24, 2006

California vs. Marshall, Great Alaska Shootout, Anchorage, Alaska, ESPN2

Cal down by one to marshall at the great Alaska shootout. Yup, it’s thanksgiving and I’m yelling at my dog. Well, marshall looks decent but cal is shooting way to much from outside for my liking. Um, their freshman that is supposedly really good is bone dry on his scoring, in & out, there’s a big guy from marshall bograby or something who keeps blocking shots. Yup, the first half is over and now the 2nd half shall commence. I never said it would be good I just said that I would write it. If people actually let this savor like a fine wine, a sweet premium, there’s way more chance it will all work out for the best. So, the darkness envelops me and then there’s some kind of catatonic sasquatch dance but beyond that I things stay copacetic. I will report back at the end of the game which hopefully will be a triumphant cal victory, which would put my beloved golden bears into a battle with my current hometown Hawaii rainbow warriors in the semifinals. Subplots and vile unbeknownst interrogations will be upon us shortly, I won’t let down the brigade on bridging the gap of newsness to the newsless.

2nd half

well, yup, sorry about that, you see, it’s now about 24 hours later, well, less than that, but yes. Call won. It was a nailbiter, a close one, but the golden bears prevailed in the frozen tundra, yadda yadda. Ryan Anderson, the freshman, wowed in the 2nd half, scoring 17 after only a deuce in the first, and Ubaka just went apeshit from outside the 3 point line and the bears held on. It was nice to see them win against a scrappy Marshall team while not necessarily playing their game to the fullest. Cal was shooting too many outside shots, not getting it inside to their bigs enough, looked sloppy on offense at times, especially with Marshall’s full court press which they ran almost the whole game, but, hey, a dub’s a dub, and here they are, about to take on Hawaii in the semi’s. The great Alaska shootout has lived up to its name up until now, as I guess the first game today, between LMU and Pacific was a classic double overtime battle, with Loyola Marymount coming out on top. So the winner of this faces the current reps of Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble’s old stomping grounds. Should be interested. This is a tough Hawaii squad. I caught their home opener live against coppin state, whom they wiped the floor with, their only loss was on the road at UNLV, and aside from that they destroyed here in Honolulu an apparently overly pathetic Oregon state squad. We’ll see what happens as I sit mildly conflicted yet not nearly enough to prevent me cheering on the golden bears against my wife’s alma mater, the university of Hawaii. Salud and I’ll get back to ya, if you exist. Peace.

Tightwad Hill

Marshall loses consolation game Friday to Hofstra (first round losers to Hawaii)


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