Saturday, November 25, 2006

California vs. Hawaii, Great Alaska Shootout semifinals, Friday, 11/24/06, Anchorage, Alaska, ESPN2

Howzit? Well, I’m whacking these illiterate notes from Honolulu, Hawaii, watching a college basketball game that starts LIVE at almost 8 PM Hawaii time (almost 1 AM in new york city) and how could that possibly be? Well, it’s in Alaska, fellers and ladies, and as the man on the worldwide leader numero dos mentioned, Anchorage is as far west as Honolulu and apparently in the same time zone, well WHO knew? Not me. The other ironic (cue alanis) thing is that as mentioned I am in Hawaii, but I am NOT rooting for the rainbow warriors in this matchup as they happen to be playing the golden bears of my alma mater, the university of california at Berkeley, end theme music.

SO, now that you know all that, well, the first half was all Cal, they’re up on UH 37-24. Hawaii really struggling, the only person really standing out for them is Ahmet Gueye, and he’s getting a lot of offensive boards and actually hitting those 15 footers (something I noticed when I saw UH live last week against Coppin State at the Stan Sheriff) but elsewhere, well, their leading scorer, Matt Lojeski is MIA and Bobby Nash is hit or miss and nobody else really seems to be stepping up.

For Cal on the other hand, Ubaka has hit a couple, but the catalyst has been Patrick Christopher, a freshman who I don’t remember even hearing his name during last nite’s marshall game, and Randle, another freshman who was prominent in last nite’s victory, and Ryan Anderson, yet another freshman, who has been scoring over 20 almost every game (except last nite, he had 19) has been busy, although it’s not TOO reflected in the stat sheet, but he’s been banging down low. Devon Hardin looking decent too, but he’s gotta pick his defense up. Anyway, right now Cal up big, but we’ll see what happens in half number two, now won’t we. Go bears, kids.

2nd half:

uh, cal blew the game open, UH came as close as 7 about midway through, but cal pulled away fast, won by a little under 20? Next for the bears, the title game against LMU (who defeated Pacific in a barnburner) on Saturday night.


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