Monday, November 27, 2006

couple items to follow up on; don't really have the time nor energy for two full-on game posts, but I did watch 2 games yesterday. First I woke up to my TIVO'd Cal-LMU final of the Great Alaska Shootout. This one was closer than the UH game, which was a certified blowout, but not quite the nailbiter as the first Marshall game. LMU came to play, especially in the 2nd half, but the Bears size in the middle and their guard play were too much. It'll be fun to see what Devon Hardin (Cal's center) can do against better competition. I think he'll have a huge year, and hopefully come back for one more (although it sounds like the pro scout vultures are already circling). Another fascinating player on this team is the freshman backup point guard, Randle. FAST, and an excellent finisher at the bucket as well as a pretty damn good outside shooter. Ubaka had a pretty good game, and our other freshman, Anderson, looked damn good too. Nice for what might have been a rebuilding year after losing Leon Powe.

Anyway, the other game was much less pleasant, watching the Clippers get BLOWN OUT in Denver. The clips just look like a complete and total mess right now, I mean, it's just painful to watch. I feel sorry for their mothers. (Ok, it's not that bad). Shaun Livingston played like complete shit. Sam, before he got injured, looked lost on defense a couple times, nobody except Maggette was doing much on offense, Brand looked tired & tentative. I think they really miss Kaman more than I thought they would. I guess it's good to get Aaron Williams some burn in while the games aren't completely huge (ie later in the year) but I hope they don't sink the ship in the process of figuring out what the hell they have. It's still really early, and I think they'll turn it around, but right now, wow, the clips really look like shit. Tomorrow night at Sacramento, against a Kings team that has just habitually kicked LA's ass (even last year when the Clips were up & Sacto was down) will be scary unless Dunleavy can get these guys to pull their collective heads out of their collective ass.

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