Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great article (a guest spot by Joey from Straight Bangin) on Free Darko about Patrick Ewing and the idea of massive expectations compared with possibly not so immortal results and how that pertains to the nigh biblically foreshadowed arrival to the NBA next season of Texas’ Kevin Durant.

Meanwhile, Bill Simmons seems fairly certain that, despite the brilliance of Durant, OSU's Greg Oden will still go #1 in the draft:

...any NBA team picking first will work themselves into a lather that (A) Oden's wrist hindered him more than anyone realized, and (B) if that's true, then they don't want to be the idiots who passed on Oden someday. Which means there's no way in hell that Oden will go second in the 2007 NBA draft, rendering every "Oden or Durant?" discussion meaningless unless Durant blows everyone out of the water next month like Melo did in 2003. Anything less and Oden goes first. Nobody will have the balls to pass him up...


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