Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, life (and the Clippers’ season) must go on, so I’ll stop (for the moment) regaling you (knock knock) with further information on the devastating Shaun Livingston injury situation. It’s done, and all that’s left is rehab and the hope that he’ll be his old self once again some day. The clippers did sign a backup point guard to a 10-day, guy by the name of Will Conroy, who played college ball for the Washington Huskies, which leads to the topic I was hoping to concentrate on before I had a Livie flashback (last one I promise, he said with fingers crossed.)

Anyway, the Husky relation and topic thereby indicated is that the next two games, home tonite & on the road tomorrow, are against the Seattle Supersonics. So what better chance than the nonce to cast an eye on a Sonics team that is a bit down this year (er, decade). Somewhat iffy times for NBA fans in the Pacific Northwest, what with the club's new owners not only seemingly inclined to move the team out of Seattle, (Oklahoma City has been prominently mentioned in the rumor mill) but apparently playing the part of anti-homosexual zealots as well.

As far as on the court stuff, the Sonics are further back in the standings than the Clips (LA's currently in the West’s 8 spot, with the Sonics another 5 games back). Ray Allen (pictured) has had a typically nice year. As far as their bigs go, they took a major hit before the season even started losing Robert Swift to a torn ACL, and Nick Collison hasn’t exactly been a revelation. As for the former Clipper Chris Wilcox, he sees himself as a “10 & 10 type guy.” (his words) Seattle Weekly’s Mike Seely isn’t quite satisfied with that, and neither should he (or Wilcox) be. Wilcox’s potential is through the roof, but as Clipper fans know, he’s not exactly blessed with the grit & fortitude of Achilles, more like the work ethic of Shaggy after a 20 sack of Scooby snacks. The point hasn’t been much better of a story, with Luke Ridnour not living up to the hype. While Earl Watson has had some flashes of brilliance, he’s always been more of a scorer than a distributor (back to his days at UCLA), which is nothing new in today’s NBA, where “true” point guards, a la Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Chris Paul, and (cries) Shaun Livingston are few & far between.

Anyway, should be an interesting couple games. I don’t have Fox Prime Ticket, so I’ll miss tonite’s homeslate, but I do catch KTLA on the satellite at my Honolulu compound, so I’ll be watching tomorrow nite’s tilt at Key in Seattle, and will likely have plenty to say about it, among other things.

update: brainfart. Tomorrow night's game at Seattle is actually a national broadcast on TNT. It's Saturday's home matchup against Indiana that is on KTLA (LA's local WB affiliate). Should be interesting, as well. Will be my first chance to see a whole game with Indiana's new lineup after the monster trade with Golden State, in which they acquired Troy Murhpy and Mike Dunleavy (Jr.). As irritated as I might have been if the Clips had traded Maggette for Dunleavy (with Nepotism being just one of the shady backdrops of such a move, his dad being the Clipper coach), I actually like (somewhat, at least) the younger Dunleavy's game. He's not much of a defender (granted, a big problem, but neither is Maggette, although of late he's been better), but he sees the floor well for a big(ger) man, and he has a knack for being at the right place at the right time, at least on the offensive end. He definitely needs to assert himself more, but I think he'll get better over the next few years.


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