Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Clippers don’t play until Friday, at which date the momentous occasion will be a road battle versus the Warriors in Oakland. Maybe it’s because I lived in Berkeley for almost 5 years and in many ways that’s where I really became a sports fan (for whatever reason it never interested me much before I went to college. Having Russell White as my school’s star running back and Jason Kidd as the star point guard might have had something to do with that), but aside from the Laker tilts, which for an LA native clipper fan are obviously fascinating, my favorite running rivalry for the Clips has to be against the Warriors. It’s never been something that grabs a lot of headlines, because they’ve both been decrepit for so many years, and have never, at least in the last 15 years, been really good at the same time, but playing the same team 4 times a year, and the proximity between the bay and LA, and, aside from Hawaii for the last 10 years, those being the two places I’ve lived in this swing of life so far, for me, nuff said, it’s something to look forward to and savor. This made it even more bittersweet that Shaun Livingston’s last full game (and maybe the best of his young career) was against Golden State. Well, Friday is their first matchup since that breakout, and it’s actually pretty big. The Clippers are holding on to the 8 spot right this second, but the laundry list of teams digging right at their heels is longer than what is common this time of year. Who says March is all about the NCAA (even though, OK, that’s where most eyes will be). There’s plenty of building drama in the pros for a fanatical follower of Donald Sterling’s not so wayward crew to keep this fella interested, nay, borderline obsessed. Ok, that’s a little too strong. More later. Maybe I’ll do some digging on classic Clipper Warrior matchups throughout the years. Or, better odds, maybe I’ll finish watching the Tenacious D movie and get some effin work done, I mean, write the final crucial paragraph of the next great American novel, entitled Ode on a North Dakotan Turnstile. Look for it.


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