Monday, March 12, 2007

From clipperblog’s post on the home blowout loss to Detroit yesterday:

All season, we’ve been trying to figure out precisely what is responsible for the Clippers’ demise. Watching Detroit run its offense on Sunday crystallized it for me: The Clippers have nobody on the floor who can pass the ball... The Clippers? With the exception of Livingston, there isn’t an average passer on the roster...Thomas is probably the most adequate passer on the roster. Think about that reality for a second: Tim Thomas is the best passer on the Clippers’ active roster.

Wow. (cries). Hold me.

Also, I just noticed that for whatever reason, the Clippers don’t have to visit Dallas when they go through Texas on the coming trip, so it’s not the Texas triangle, more like the Texas, uh, line. In any event, the next 6 games are on the road, and it goes San Antonio (almost certain loss), Houston (probably a loss, but better chance than against the Spurs, although with McGrady & Yao both healthy right now, no one relishes a trip to the Toyota Center), Charlotte (hopefully a win), New Jersey (decent shot at a win), Chicago (the Clips beat them in LA last month, but in Chi-town’s another story, obviously), and Milwaukee (the clips should definitley win there.) so looking at it, I think the Clips can go 3-3 on the trip, with wins at Charlotte, New Jersey, and Milwaukee. MAYBE 4-2 if they can squeak one out in Chicago. And Maybe 2-4, if they pull an oops I crapped my pants in New Jersey, their east coast foil. Or maybe they just smoke the most gigantic spliff ever the whole trip and go 0-6.

Puff the magic dragon may be prominently involved; keep an eye out for little Jackie Paper on the alley oop.


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