Monday, March 12, 2007

I’ve got spurs on the brain, with the Clippers doomed trip into San Antonio for tomorrow’s game in near proximity to the Ozzy urinated Alamo, and I got to thinking, who is the most recognizable Spur in the annals of Spurdom prior to the David Robinson era, and my answer to myself, which was nice to get, cuz normally I’m self-ignored, was George “Ice Man” Gervin. So I did some digging, and found out something interesting which I hadn’t known. It was a somewhat thorny court ordered way in which Gervin even became a Spur and was thereby dragged from what he considered a good situation with the Virginia Squires (he was teammates with Dr. Julius Erving), also of the ABA, in 1974. Details on how it went down, as well as some nice pictures, stats, and other fun stuff, here. Obviously, the landscape of the NBA would be vastly differnet if Gervin had stayed in Virginia. Iceman was a venerable venerated veteran of vanguarded voluminity in San Antone, and still is to this day, so prolly Riverwalk would have flooded and the pterodactyls would have likely invaded from the desert. Possibly many cows would have died in the massacre. Here’s Gervin’s wikipedia entry, for those who just have to know everything. I’m looking at you, Mr. Fuchsia.


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