Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Milwaukee, the Clippers’ road opponent tonite, is 2-0 under new coach Larry Krystkowiak. You may remember Larry from his playing career (9 years, most notably a stint with the Bucks from 87-92), or more recently as the hometown hero (he was born & raised in Missoula) University of Montana coach that shocked Nevada in the NCAA tourney last year. Well, after that season, he resigned and hooked on as an assistant with the Bucks, and here he is, head coach in the NBA. Is this like one of those conspiracy theory things where a mole gets in as the vice president cuz he knows that the president is gonna get shot by a guy dressed up like the Ace of Spades? Forget I said that. In any event, the writing was on the wall for Terry Stotts, and if Larry can keep it up you’d think he’d be the logical choice, especially as a former big time Buck, to continue on next season. But who knows anything about Milwaukee, besides the fact that Ronnie Cunningham and Laverne and Shirley lived there. Certainly not me. Oh, and beer. Lots of beer. Doesn’t sound all bad.

Amazing what a little research can do. Mr. Krystkowiak did in fact sign a contract not just for the remainder of this season, but for the next 2 seasons as well. The Grizzoulian is convinced, and elaborates for us unknowing and unwashed (I’ll speak for myself) the extent of the man’s qualifications and reasons to assume he’ll bring nothing but success and coronations and big baskets of rose petals to Bradley Arena. Time will tell, and I wish the guy all the best, just after tonite, and the hopefully inevitable asshanders award he’ll receive at clipper hands before going on to years and years of beard scratching distinction.

Anyway, that is the scene in which we are placed for the matchup of apparent yet possibly ephemeral antithesis of doom for the clippers tonite, a polar opposite expectation wise to last night’s supposedly dominant at home bulls, so don’t step in dog crap, fair clippers, avoid land mines laced in Schlitz malt liquor, any other cliché you can think up, sidestep those with care as well, because if there was ever a trap game, this is it, not that the Clips can stand to take ANY game, especially on the road, lightly, but they should definitely be able to win tonite, but keep that urgency that was on display last night (along with actual strategy and good play), and throw out at least half of those turnovers (you can’t always count on the other team’s best shooter to put up an abysmal brick yard display, God knows Michael Redd won’t look as horrible tonite as Ben Gordon did against LA last nite), and you might just be able to come back to LA having batted .500 on a 6 game road trip, and that ain’t bad, LA, that ain’t bad at all.


Blogger Colin said...

I'm not totally saying that he will have this team contending for titles in the immediate future but he will have them on a better path that stotts. I know that's not hard but LK has as good of chance as anyone to get this thing going.

3/21/2007 8:23 PM  
Blogger Alfred said...

I'd say, from looking at his track record, and with a bit of a bias toward former Grizz (my Mom spent two years at Univ. of Montana, & I've got family in Missoula)that he's got a much better than average chance of getting things going in Milwaukee. Apparently, so do the Bucks, as they wasted no time getting him locked in at the first hint he might get lured away. For the first time since George Karl's stint there, I'll be keeping more than a casual eye on the Bucks, and if I'm even partialyl representative (which I'm probably not) that's already great news for Milwaukee, one of the more under the radar teams in the L. Hey, I'm rooting for the guy (just not against the clippers)

3/22/2007 11:14 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

They must like him... unusual for a team to promote someone in March and then sign him to a multi year deal, especially a first time head coach.

If they can get healthy, he'll have talent next season. They've got four solid starters locked up, the Bird rights to Mo Williams, and more cap space than anyone (although imagine how much cap space they'd have if they didn't owe $26M to Dan Gadzuric!)

3/22/2007 9:49 PM  
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