Thursday, March 22, 2007

Suddenly, the Clippers have won 3 out of their last 4 (all on the road) going into a 3 game homestand. Wish I could say the opponents were a bit more patsy like, but Utah, Washington, and then Houston is no cake walk. The Clips have been good at home, though, and none of the aforementioned teams are even close to unbeatable. The Warriors came an Ewok’s hair away from beating the Jazz on the road this week, and the Clippers have to be salivating a little over getting another shot at the Rockets after last week’s down to the wire heartbreak at the Toyota Center. As for Washington? They’re still an enigma, but they definitely go as Gilbert Arenas (and, to a lesser degree, Caron Butler) go, and if he’s on fire, they’re tough to beat. Should be fascinating viewing, and I’m thrilled to say the Wizards game is coming through on the KTLA telecast.

As for tomorrow’s Jazz game, well, the Jazz have lost their last 4 road games in a row, and as mentioned very narrowly beat Golden State at home in their last contest, so they should be ripe for the picking. Andrei Kirilenko is keeping his mouth shut on theories as to why he’s so far deep into coach Jerry Sloan’s doghouse. (media outbursts earlier in the season having seemingly only buried his bone deeper). You have to wonder if AK47 couldn’t provide a bit of punch in Utah’s sudden slump, but, hey, I ain’t complaining, keep him on the pine, if Paul Millsap throwing up a three at the end of the game is the plan, then I’ll take those odds every day. Getting a win tomorrow against these Mormons is key, and I think the Clips can sweep all three before heading back on the road. Knock knock.


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