Sunday, March 25, 2007

After reading over my last post, I realized I didn’t really say anything about the Wizards after the tight loss they experienced against LA’s bastard stepchildren on Saturday. Well, I’m here to rectify that.

I know that with Caron Butler out, one cannot see yesterday’s game as indicative of the team as a whole this year, but there are some things that one can ascertain. First off, DeShawn Stevenson has not, to my eye, figured out how to get his shots in the flow of the offense. He was forcing up way too much ugly stuff. So was Arenas. With Gilbert, though, as a coach you know Eddie Jordan has to put up with that to a certain degree, because so much of what makes Gilbert Gilbert is that he doesn’t play like an ordinary guy. He puts up crazy shots, and on the nights that he’s hitting them, he’s unstoppable. Well, he wasn’t hitting them at Staples yeterday. A big part of that was the Clippers’ once again nice looking defense, but Arenas also just had a somewhat off day at the office.

Also, if yeterday’s matchup is indicative, I can’t see how there’s any discussion in the Brendan Haywood versus Etan Thomas debate. Thomas was all over the place, especially on the offensive glass, and if the Wiz had somehow pulled that game out, you would have been hard pressed not to give him the game ball. Well, him or Antawn Jamison, who had a very nice game, especially offensively.

The Wiz are a good team, but still such an enigma to me. I don’t know how disciplined a team they are, or how intelligent they are (one segment at the end of a quarter in which a very early shot was taken comes to mind), but there’s plenty of talent, and once Butler’s back, they’ll definitely make some noise in the wide open eastern conference playoffs.


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