Monday, April 09, 2007

from the Dallas Morning News, a Maverick perspective on tonite’s game against our beloved Clippers (hat tip to Mavs Moneyball):

“On the bottom end, only Golden State has a realistic chance to catch the Clippers.

So go ahead with the conspiracy theory about how letting the Clippers win tonight would help the Mavericks because it would make it that much tougher for the Warriors – and any spell Don Nelson might own over the Mavs – to reach the playoffs.
Del Harris has a few words for you. The basketball gods frown on that sort of thing, the assistant coach said recently.

"It can come back to bite you," he said.

Not that any self-respecting NBA team would try to manipulate fate, especially one that can wrap up the No. 1 seed in the playoffs with a win tonight.”

Heh. Self respecting team. Well, yeah, of course, if you were #1 seed, but there’s nothing wrong with tanking to get to 6th place rather than 5th so you can avoid a powerhouse and take advantage of an arcane long gone seeding rule, right? Hello? Bueller? Anyone? What do they call it when karma comes back against you for doing something possibly not so kosher, but in a good way, is that like that vuja dei that George Carlin once opined on? (having that strange sensation that none of this has ever happened before.)

So the Mavericks can clinch home court through the playoffs with a win tonite, the cost being they serve up an advantage sandwich to the dreaded and feared Warriors of Golden State, kryptonite to their Superman. Shit, they can wrap up home court anytime, I say some well placed shenanigans, forced mental rejection of Dirk’s secret inspiration, and a nice extra solid night’s rest for Josh Howard add up to a clipper bologna victory that I’ll take any day of the week. And with gratzi in advance and arrears, of course.

Oh yeah, & yep, I’m slow. The game started already. Clippers down 3 with about 8 minutes left in the first half. I'm stuck at work still, Hawaii time and all. Enjoy, aloha, etc.


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