Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, yep, the Clippers lost yesterday to the highly evil nuggets of damnation from the hidden hills of Denver, Colorado. They came blowing into downtown Los Angeles with their pick axes and shovels and mined a serious blow out of the collective okoles (asses, in Hawaiian) of our fair LA bastard step children. I’ve already had my mea culpa about not watching said matchup, and even though it sits on my TIVO on the other side of the island, I know I’ll never be able to force myself to view it, some images being to painful to inflict on my medulla oblongata. I’m just not enough of a masochist to put myself through that. Close, but no cigar, gratzi.

Allen Iverson apparently went ballistic and was overall just too much. Elton and Maggs had good nights scoring the ball, but as has become painfully common, Corey coughed up the ball way too many times, this night granted more than others, and just one too many mistakes became crucial, as indicated by the close margin of defeat.

Linas Kleiza, may you burn in eternal damnation. Ok, yes, that’s an extreme view, but wow, kinda reminds you of a certain Shane Battier bomb a couple weeks ago, does it not? Both of short hair and sharp eyes and delivered daggers into the collective hearts of the most sacred nacion. Oh well. We’re still in it. The lights are still flickering, nay, they are burning bright. Our density, no, our destiny, is in our possibly not so fair hands, and despite the prognosticatorially horrific travails that a trip to Dallas may likely foretell, we must persevere, and not lose hope, and believe, for every day is a gift, fair clipper fan, and to be in the hunt this late in the season is something we have not always had. Relish it. Don’t accept it as good enough, because we must continue to push and prod for greatness in any and all arenas, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth with harsh words and balled up fists, you must welcome it into your home, despite its sometimes horrendous breath and clumsy hooves. You don’t necessarily have to sit this horse at the head of the table and present it with your best whiskey, but you shouldn’t toss it out into the snow, either.


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