Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I posted a preview of tonite’s huge game at Oklohama City on Clips Nation. So, uh, go read it, as well as every other word on that especially fine world wide innernet web site. Gratzi & aloha.

Oh yeah, Hornets 247 has its own “half-assed” preview of tonite’s matchup. I dunno, I thought it was at least three quarters assed. I especially like the piece’s opening stanza:

After six months of mediocre highs and vomit-inducing lows, the Hornets' whole season pretty much comes down to tonight's game against the Clippers in Oklahoma City. If we win, the Playoffs remain a very realistic possibility. Should we lose, well, we're screwed.

So don’t think the Hornets won’t be just as fired up as the clips tonite. Both teams will be playing (or damn well should be playing) with a do-or-die mentality. Should be a good one.


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