Sunday, April 15, 2007

You know you're in a frightening den of sullen iniquity when the pic of the day is quincy douby goin up for the jam. sigh. just a real quick ramblin scramblin han soloish (?) rundown of the days, er, past couple days, activity, care of your friendly and slightly beginning to get sloshy on a Sunday late afternoon (just hit six post meridien here in the islands, gratzi, yup, jamaican rum, enjoy), and, well, the clippers took a nice crap at staples, yes? yes. and who are on the opposite end? why, who has been at the opposite end of SO MANY inquisitions of the not so spanish (nothing against spaniards, it's an expresion, natch) sort, yup, the sacto queens. goldang. they just have dunleavy's and the LAC's number, er, numero. yes indeedio. well, we have to pull up our bootstraps I guess, now don't we, because it ain't over until that fat bitch hits e-minor, and she's still in her trailor doing breathing exercises. it's cool, I checked, believe it. so, shit, ron artest, I hardly knew you, 10 assists, whatever, and Elton kinda callin out the crew, but maybe that's what needs to be done. 2 games left, and we gotta make em count. that was a great stompin of portland a couple days ago, don't get me wrong, but laurels weren't made for resting on, least of all at this juncture, and it seems (I didn't watch the game, back in the alf manor, thanks for asking, think the only one, pending playoffs, I'll get to watch is the finale vs. NOOCH) that laurel resting is exactly what was done. sacto. shit.

new paragraph time. don't axe me why. so, yup, golden state, whores that they are, won today againts a KG-less t-wolves. and the lakers were looking comfortable against the pitiable sonics. erg, let me check. yup, the lakers won. well, the only thing potentially good about sacto is they get both the lakers and golden state AT ARCO for their last two games. If artest is half the buddy of elton that he claims, SACTO will finish up in winning style. I won't break down the numbers, but basically, if the clips can win the next 2 (at phoenix & home against the hornets) and golden state just drops one of the next two (home against Dallas and at Portland), well, we're in business. playoff bound, per the tie breaker of division record. gratzi to inanity. but golden state has the mav's number, don't forget, and portland might be the biggest gimme in the west right now, so keep those fingers crossed, nation of LA bastard stepchildren fans. I will, here in Honolulu, as I pray to Tiki God of Koa wood and shave my dog and scatter the hair to the four winds. aloha.


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