Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before I even scan the net for clipper crap today, (ok, I just looked; there’s nothing really happening, except I did read further mention of something I’d already heard, a trade rumor with Indiana that some crackhead cooked up along with his freebase shot in an alley somewhere. Jermaine Oneal & Jamaal Tinsley for Elton, Corey and Shaun? Puh-leeze. The salaries might match up, but that’s just ridonkulous. I wouldn’t pull the trigger on Elton for Jermaine straight up, and Corey & Shaun for Tinsley is the mad hatter mainlining heroin into his cerebral cortex while getting his tea party set up) allow me to, uh, something.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, my organized or scattered (you be the judge, if “you” exist) thoughts on this lost season. Was it really lost? You can’t say it wasn’t entertaining, if not heartbreakingly frustrating, or, well, maybe (probably) you can. I enjoyed it if nothing else for the zip of the up & down aspect, and the fact that we were in it until the last day, but the brand of basketball we played, well, it wasn’t always pretty. There were a few flashes of brilliance, of course. The one that stands out to me the most is Shaun Livingston’s breakout game against the warriors, which was followed (so fittingly) by his horrendous injury against Charlotte in, I believe, the very next game. That was so the clippers' jekkyl & hyde season in a nutshell. A black deathlike nutshell that turns any squirrel that even looks at it into the wildlife version of Morrissey after a fifth of vodka and a long conversation with a woman dressed in black.

Do yourself a favor & check out this tribute to the 85 Clippers (from a Boston area sports journalist, no less. Innernet randomness at its best.)


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