Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hmmm, on second go-round, I actually did find a news tidbit of mild interest in reference to LA’s bastard stepchildren today. Per the mothership, Corey Maggette underwent an arthroscopic “procedure” (is that somehow different than surgery?) for some “intermittent pain” he’d been having in his right leg. Supposedly he’ll be right as rain in 3-4 weeks.

No word if Chris Kaman’s (feel free to substitute Mike Dunleavy’s nom de plume herein if the mood strikes you) head from ass removal “procedure” has gotten the green light, but we’ll (I’ll) keep you posted. Speaking of both men, I will say I think their potential is through the roof (Kaman's decidely moreso than Dunleavy's, who seems too often like a bright bulb preternaturally and irascibly bumped into the "dim" setting, especially when it comes to a certain Corey Maggette, although maybe his mind games worked, late season Maggs surge, YADDA YADDA YADDA), but based on their performance this season, I wouldn’t be writing out any multi-million dollar checks or anything like that. Oops, too late.


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