Friday, May 04, 2007

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Photography by Joseph Castillo

Photo By Joseph Castillo

If there's been one thing throughout the Dallas/Warriors series that has been harped on over and over again (other than the fact that Dirk apparently left his heart in San Francisco), it's the fact that Baron Davis is a top 5 player in the league when healthy.


Before last night's game, I was prepared to write about how Baron hasn't been "healthy" since his first couple years in a Hornets uniform. And even that can be argued against considering his health issues while tearing it up at UCLA.

It's no secret. Averaging 52 games a year with a contract like that? Yikes. Alan Houston is rolling around in his grave. And it's probably a gold and ice encrusted grave with a platinum tombstone.

But last night brought forward something that most Warriors fans and a lot of hardcore NBA fans already knew: Even when hurt, Baron Davis can dominate an NBA basketball game. He's a top 10 player hurt and a top 5 when healthy. I hope this is the catalyst for some recognition next year.

I'm still in a daze with all the national attention the Warriors are getting. By the time game 3 rolled around, I finally stopped myself and reminded myself to appreciate the moment. This is for that Joe Smith jersey I wore so proudly during my senior year of high school. This is for the liquor store quality blue Warriors hat I wore in 6th grade until the sweat stains made it look like elephant print. I'm really savoring the moment. This is why we kept going to games watching names like Wood, Lister, Vonteego, Mookie, and Fuller. Warriors fans have been humbled by the reality of being fans of a mediocre team and a mediocre franchise for the last decade. But we still opened our arms (and wallets) and provided support. It's truly rewarding for someone like myself that has waited so long for this.

There was talk last night during TNT's post game about an emotional let down. That's not going to happen. Some people hopped on the bandwagon (or would "Yellow Bus" be more apropos?), but it was filled with regulars to begin with. We'll cheer win, lose or draw. But damn, we love to win. LOVE to win.

On a side note, I refuse to believe that the difference between the Grizzlies and the Warriors is just the fact that the Warriors "wanted it more." That's just nonsense. I do, though, think the gap between the 10th seed and the 4th seed is A LOT closer than most will want to admit. But to imply that Memphis and Golden State are similar teams? Golden State essentially went through pre-season all over again after that huge mid-season trade. Everybody and their mom knows the Warriors aren't really an 8th seed, anyway.

But then again, I'm not one for game, team,or player analysis. I leave that up to the professionals(Unstoppable, baby!).


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