Thursday, May 17, 2007

There is just nothing floating out there about your LA Clippers. The most fools goldish nugget I could find was this crazy rumor about Smush Parker maybe signing up with the clips in the offseason, but this balderdash was pulled from the same NY Daily News article that mentioned that Del Harris (assistant coach with the Mavs, former Laker head coach) might jump to the Bucks as an assistant, where he would be (quote) the “head-coach-in-waiting.” Buuulllshit. Anyone who’s been paying attention (and I have; I blogged about it a couple months ago) know that Larry Krystkowiak is Milwaukee’s coach of the moment AND the future. (do a little searching at the Grizzoulian for the real Krystkowiak down low, I implore you.) This guy’s been groomed and pulled up and fast tracked and DON’T look at his record to close out this last season, cuz obviously they were in full tank mode, and you think they’re gonna shove him out the door for DEL HARRIS?? I mean, no disrespect to Del, but he’s not some hot commodity, he’s been floating around for ages; for chirssake, he was the lakers coach when their best player was CEDRIC CEBALLOS. Please, you do the math. (actually, that factoid may be in his favor. Anyway.) I think the Bucks will be quite a bit better, actually, this year, and I think they would be regardless of who they pick up in the draft (although that could help immensely).

Not sure how I got sidetracked to Bucks talk, well, actually, I do know, but, whatever. For more Bucks stuff be sure to check out Mike Bucks Page. FULL of good stuff, he’s keeping meticulous track of the Bucks draft stuff (including now daily mock lotteries), and you gotta love his obsession with the old school logos.

Soooo, that was some nice inane rambling. Anyway, basically since Corey Maggette went under the knife, which supposedly went well, and he’ll be fine for next season, there’s been no major clipper news. Since the season closed out with a whimper, Clipper Steve posted a nicely exhaustive overview of our possibilities at the point guard spot next season (I’d love to see Acie Law IV, pictured, in red & blue, but we’ll see, he could be gone by the time it’s Elgin’s turn to crawl up on stage. ClipperSteve thinks Mike Conley, OSU, will be well gone, and there’s better odds of grabbing Acie, and this sounds like a dream sequence, cuz from what I’ve seen, I actually like Law’s game better than Conley’s), as well as an addendum to said wisdom, and he also pontificated on possibilities for overseas pickups.

Oh, and the playoffs? Yeah, oh yeah, those other teams still playing. I was sad to see the Warriors exit stage left, but Utah looks frisky, and it is kind of nice to see Derek Fisher getting some respect. He was much more of a key to those laker threepeat teams than most gave him credit for. Sorry Joe (author of the last two brilliant warrior posts, thanks mayne), better luck next year, but that was a hell of a ride, especially for a club that hadn’t smelled the playoffs in over a decade. Not quite the game 7 second round thrill ride that the clips had last year (sniff), but nice, veddy nice, and yah I’m jealous, cuz all I’ve had to ponder in re: clippers is what if smush parker comes on board (brrr, hold me, so cold).

The rest of the playoffs? Eh. Haven’t really been watching. I mean, yeah, bits & pieces. I caught about a quarter of suns spurs last night, but, ummm, hard to care, very hard to care. Sue me. Aloha.


Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...

Any predictions on how long it'll take for the Maggette trade rumors to start up again? I imagine the knee surgery might lower his value.

5/22/2007 4:40 PM  
Blogger Alfred said...

call me crazy but I think they're gonna hold on to him. Sterling's been saying all along he's gonna resign him to a max contract. We'll see; if we can get the Maggette we had for the last quarter of the season, minus some of the turnovers, I'd love to see him stick around. Can't stop the rumors, though...

5/25/2007 1:04 PM  
Blogger Ben Q. Rock said...

Really? The frequency with which Maggette's name is brought up in trade rumors seems to indicate that Sterling and Co. aren't enamored with him. It's strange that he wants to retain him and even stranger that he'd be willing to offer him a max deal.

6/03/2007 4:45 PM  

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