Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sigh. The hawks just took Acie Law with the 11th pick. Obviously, so far, the big point of interest in the draft was the trade of Ray Allen to Boston for the 5th pick (which Seattle had Boston take Jeff Green out of Georgetown with). No other huge surprises, unless you count Milwaukee taking Jianlan outta China (his agent said he did NOT want to play there – maybe they’re gonna trade him?) and I think Hawes went a little high (to Sacto, at #10), but, well, that’s that for now. Phillie’s on the clock at #12, and then it’s NOOCH and then it’s YOUR (er, my) LA Clippers. Will have to see who’s left. Crittenton? Nick Young? Thornton’s still on the board. Muy interesante, senor. I will be back to commentate my brilliance once the damage or hopefully not despairingly so has been decimated. Gratzi.


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