Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I always fill my ballroom the event is never small

Big win, obviously, last night against OKC at home. Was a beautiful way to pop the cherry on our new TV service (gratzi Hawaiian Tel) and the included year of free DVR (mahalo nui loa makakilo Hawaii kai) so I got to watch uninterrupted most of the third and all of the 4th quarters and it was a loverly thing, it got a bit dusty at the alf-penthouse, the players club had a moment of remembrance for the last clips playoff squad, those gigantic ball swinging cassell EB Maggs ewing playing D on the shooter Dunleavy nightmare elm street shenanigan inducing coma stopping blessings not to be squadders.

Somewhere in there was a sentence. Or not. Anyway, congrats clips, it’s a new regime. CP3, all I could say to wifey over and over “wow he was worth every cent every player and more” I’ve never seen a new guy bring such a sea change culture swap total revamp the way Paul has done in clipperland. CP3 is the opposite of Argentina and I’m the antithesis of crying for him, although there are tears of joy in mine eyes, and I ain’t talkin Madonna, this is more a Patti LuPone type dealio. Long Beach All Stars rocking fat soap bars. End Scene.


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